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Meet Stephen McOrmond RD.DD

After many years of working outside of the area, I’m incredibly happy to be in the Beautiful Shuswap. Where I can share my passion for what I do, with all of you.
I love meeting people, creating healthy smiles, and helping people feel good about themselves. I’ve treated so many patients who tell me that they didn’t know how to smile, or always covered their mouths when they did, because they didn’t like how their teeth looked. It’s so fulfilling, after treatment, to hear those same patients say that they now feel more confident, not just in their smiles, but also in themselves.

My journey to becoming a Denturist started when I was very young.

My Father, Al McOrmond, A Denturist, A Professor at George Brown College & University Of Toronto Dentistry, an Author of several textbooks on the topic, my mentor and my friend. Would often bring me to his Dental Lab as a child and encouraged me to enjoy working and playing with some of the materials used in Dentistry. Casting molds, carving models, and making my own toys

Crafting, Carving and Creating.

Seeing the difference a smile could make was like magic! I decided at an early age that I wanted to help people in this same way when I got older. To that end, I attended GBC in Toronto, where I graduated with an Advanced Degree in Denturism in 2013.  I then went on to complete my residency, taking me across the country to Vancouver island British Columbia. Where I received my Certificate of Denturism License with the College of Denturists of British Columbia, The Denturists Association of British Columbia and the Denturist Association of Canada.

Stephen is also a Denturist, Instructor and team leader with the Nine Miles of Smiles Charity organization in Jamaica. Providing underserved communities with free Dental support.

In my spare time I enjoy Hiking, Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Scuba diving, Backpacking, Gardening, Motorcycles and Mountains.

Since starting my journey in Denturism, I’ve helped treat thousands of amazing Patients, helping them transform their lives, and their smiles. I can’t wait to help you discover your smile!

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