Shuswap Denture Clinic & Implant Solution Centre

At Shuswap Denture Clinic, we believe in making our patients feel at home when they visit one of our locations. Stephen McOrmond RD.DD. and staff like to personalize the Denture care experience. This means doing more than just helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. We get to know everyone who comes to our office and we go the extra mile to educate you about how to maintain your oral health. We strive to create a positive atmosphere that is always relaxed and welcoming.

About Us

Specialized care through precision, artistry, and experience.

Every Shuswap Dentures design and development is uniquely constructed using modern technology, and from the highest quality dental materials and techniques.

Art that puts a smile on your face Personalized for you

Our Services

From annual check-ups to repairs & adjustments, we pride ourselves in being your friends in Denture care.

Full dentures

This is a full denture that replaces all teeth on either one or both arches. We custom design a smile that is unique to you. We only use premium acrylic and composite teeth resulting in a lifelike healthy smile.

Surgical Immediate Dentures

Surgical / Immediate dentures are dentures made before or within 6 months of having extractions. You can have the dentures made ahead of time to be inserted at the time of extractions or wait a few days for the mouth to start healing.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures are more than cosmetic devices. They can also enhance chewing and speaking for the wearer. Partial dentures can also preserve the placement of the remaining teeth in your mouth, which may otherwise shift over time.

The Art of a Smile.

With all our patients, we strive to develop smiles that not only reflect who they are, but also push the limits of function further through hand crafted Precision.

Meet Stephen McOrmond RD.DD

After many years of working outside of the area, I’m incredibly happy to be in the Beautiful Shuswap where I can share my passion for what I do, with all of you. I love meeting people, creating healthy smiles, and helping people feel good about themselves. I’ve treated so many patients who tell me that they didn’t know how to smile, or always covered their mouths when they did, because they didn’t like how their teeth looked. It’s so fulfilling, after treatment, to hear those same patients say that they now feel more confident, not just in their smiles, but also in themselves.


What Our Clients Say

“Wonderful and kind, showed incredible patience and tolerance when interacting with my 94 year old mother. Would highly recommend this clinic to anyone. According to my mother “he has a wonderful bedside manner and is lovely.””
Rose L.
“We went to Steve for a second opinion about a denture problem. He was fantastic. He is patient . He is an educator as well as a Denturist. During our visit he explained everything so well that by the time we left we had a much better understanding of what was happening. He suggested an easy fix and we returned the same day to pick up the plate. Problem solved! Ty Steve!”
Annie R.
“Hi Steven, I would like to share some Kudos with your patients and future patients. I'm very pleased with the end results of getting my new upper denture. Because of my age it was quite a task for you, but you worked with me until we were both pleased. Thanks, Bob”
Robert S
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